Oral surgery available in Salmon Arm

No referrals. No specialist fees. No out of town travel.

Oral surgery includes the extraction of teeth and the removal of wisdom teeth, with or without the use of IV sedation to put the patient ‘to sleep’. Acorn Dental is very proud and excited to be the first dental clinic in Salmon Arm to offer oral surgery with IV sedation. Dr. Sandy Crocker is now available to provide these services to the residents of Salmon Arm.

Previously, patients would have had to travel to Vernon, Kelowna, or Kamloops for an appointment with an oral surgeon, with repeat trips for a surgery date and follow-up appointments. This posed a significant inconvenience to the residents of Salmon Arm in terms of the time and associated costs of traveling out of town, combined with time away from work and / or other commitments, not to mention added hassles should post-surgical complications arise.

Not only does Acorn Dental now offer the convenience of a local oral surgery center, but is furthermore able to offer this to the residents of Salmon Arm at a significantly reduced rate than would be incurred at a specialist’s office. Furthermore, we offer oral surgery appointments on Saturdays as an added convenience for patients.

Dr. Sandy Crocker
Dr. Sandy CrockerDentist
Originally from the tiny province of Prince Edward Island, I was introduced to the role in which dentists can provide honest, ethical care for a community for whom all are considered close extended family by my father, a dentist of 41 years.


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